Our notary firm employs people in a wide variety of professions. We attach considerable importance to a harmonious yet professional atmosphere at work. Our staff are the backbone of everything we do. We are always looking for ambitious and talented applicants who would like to become part of our team. Learn more about the exciting career opportunities at  Alstertor here.

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Carsten Wittenborn

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    What precisely is your job/profession at Alstertor? What do you do?

    I work in the real estate segment and in the areas of commercial and corporate law. In a nutshell, this involves the preparation and execution of real estate purchase agreements, for instance regarding freehold flats, detached houses or multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. In particular, though, I assist with purchase agreements for commercial real estate such as offices, logistics properties, nursing homes for the elderly or hotels. In the field of commercial and corporate law, for example, I advise clients who want to establish, acquire, convert or liquidate companies, so across all areas of a company’s life. This may involve the establishment of a normal limited liability company, a complex company acquisition contract or a merger process.

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    That sounds extremely varied, but is it?

    Very much so! Although everything in the real estate sector, for instance, may follow the same procedures, especially when purchasing property, the devil is often in the detail and almost every property or transaction has unusual aspects that place specific demands on how the contracts are drafted and executed. Even leaving aside issues that relate to particular clients, the legislator is always busy passing new laws and regulations, which in turn leads to decisions, rulings and a body of case law that may impact strongly on the work of notaries. Accompanying this is a process of continuous technological advancement (digitalisation and electronic legal correspondence, for example). What this means for us in the office (to the tangible delight of our clients) is the opportunity for a significantly more service-oriented approach that departs from the legacy of ‘dusty records’ and opens the door to electronic file management. Put succinctly: It’s never boring, and I can tell you that now after 20 years on the job.

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    How did you end up at Alstertor and what do you appreciate especially about your workplace?

    I actually earned my spurs working for another notary here in Hamburg, where I supported clients in the real estate sector almost exclusively. I have always been fascinated by real estate, so the history of a property, its development, project management and finally the associated transactions. Making a difference in this area is something I really enjoy. But I was still keen for a fresh challenge after a few years, and this initially meant a switch to looking after clients in the area of corporate law. Alstertor gave me this opportunity. I was rewarded for this decision as well, since I have been able to build on my notarial expertise in the real estate sector in addition to acquiring new experience in corporate law. Quite apart from that, I soon came to enjoy the excellent working climate at Alstertor that permits trusting and constructive communication across all levels of the firm. I experience an appreciation that is not only manifest in my daily dealings and personal conversations with the notaries, but also through freedoms and flexibility that we all notice and that provide real added value in our everyday routines. What’s more, the notaries have an open ear for further training opportunities that are offered on the market. So all in all, I feel really at home here at Alstertor.

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Ms Anke Langkutsch

Kindly contact us at the email address provided if you have any questions concerning the applications process or advertised vacancies.

How do you become a notary?

Access to the notarial profession is restricted by law in order to ensure the high qualification and independence of notaries. The details differ under German law for single-profession notaries and attorney-notaries. Notary offices in Hamburg are single-profession. The number of notaries in Hamburg traditionally fluctuates between 75 and 85, depending on the volume of deeds in the city. Anyone wishing to practice as a notary here must first pass the two state examinations in law. As further preparation for the responsible activity as single-profession notary, the legislator has stipulated the completion of a preparatory period as a trainee notary. Candidates are also admitted to the preparatory period based on strict performance requirements. The main criteria are the grades in the two state law examinations, with special consideration of the second state examination. Appointments are made by the department of justice. During the preparatory period, trainee notaries receive thorough preparation for their future positions as notaries. Following a defined training period, they are able to act as notary deputies (e.g. as holiday stand-ins) and therefore perform notarial certifications independently.

How do you find employment in a firm of notaries?

Work in a notary office is extremely fascinating and varied. The staff are involved in the preparation and execution of contracts and other deeds. They are particularly important for communicating with clients. Our notarial employees have completed highly qualified and specialised education and regularly attend further training. The majority of them are notarial assistants who have graduated from dual theoretical and practical vocational training that is specifically geared towards work in a single-profession notary office. Many of our staff have earned additional qualifications and some are even graduates of relevant degree programmes.


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