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Private clients

Confidential, personal and considerate

We work towards a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. As your confidant, you can be assured of our absolute discretion. We can translate complex legal matters into plain language. A selection of the services we offer to our private clients is given below:

  1. Marriage and family >

    Drawing up prenuptial agreements and divorce settlement agreements are the primary focus of our work in family law. Clients are advised of the situations in which a prenuptial agreement is either advisable or unnecessary.

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  2. Wills and inheritance >

    The civil law notary helps to make arrangements that are both clear and enforceable. The in-depth consultation includes the enumeration of the possible consequences of the client's intentions, plus advisable alternatives.

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  3. Powers of attorney and living wills >

    The typical, short-form unlimited powers of attorney are no longer capable of granting the relevant representative sufficient power to fully reflect the principal’s wishes. Appropriate precautions are considered for various powers of attorney, custody and living wills.

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  4. Real estate >

    Real estate matters often require the legal involvement of a civil law notary. The service spectrum ranges from applications to enter or remove a right in a land register and the purchase of a house or apartment to the division of buildings into separate legal ownerships.

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  5. Fiduciary services >

    We handle the payments via a notarial escrow account to avoid one party making an advance payment. Money in the account is not immediately transferred to the other party. The civil law notary releases funds to the other contracting party only once all contractual conditions precedent and/or subsequent have been fulfilled.

  6. Consultancy, recording and attestation >

    The civil law notary no longer works solely in the field of recording deeds but also offers the client expertise on a wide variety of topics as a competent and trusted confidant. Our consultancy services are covered by the fee for recording of the notarial deed at a later date.

Corporate clients

Effective, authoritative and professional

We assist and facilitate entrepreneurial strategy and decision-making from the first steps into entrepreneurship to later restructuring or divestitures and, ultimately, to long-term service provision for major – and international – companies. See below an overview of the services we are able to offer our corporate clients.

  1. Real estate >

    Apart from the assistance in relation to the acquisition of real estate, we also work to assist you with the management of complex projects in both the residential and commercial real estate markets, and the division of buildings into separate legal ownerships. Accordingly, we handle much of the correspondence with courts, authorities and financing institutions, and act as fiduciary service providers to all parties.

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  2. Company law >

    We assist you in all areas of company law requiring the services of a civil law notary. Examples of such work include the formation of companies, preparation of minutes for shareholders' meetings, the assignment of company interests, transformations and the structuring of your corporate transition plan.

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  3. Infrastructure >

    As a modern notary office organised on contemporary lines, we appreciate the need to offer our clients appropriate physical facilities. Our office has several conference rooms with facilities for up to 16 participants. We also offer private areas for one-to-one conversations. Free Wi-Fi is available to our clients.

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  4. Consultancy services >

    The consolidation of the Notare am Alstertor means we can offer our clients a wealth of know-how and expertise across a wide range of legal matters. Apart from notarial and consultancy services, we offer the tailor-made drafting of agreement proposals and contractual matters.

  5. Fiduciary services >

    Payment handling via a notarial escrow account is an option exercised for many types of contracts (e.g. the acquisition of company interests). Due to statutory provisions, however, the establishment of an escrow account is always conditional upon a justified security interest on the part of at least one of the parties involved.

  6. Services for international clients >

    In many cases, the stakeholders in a deed will be foreign individuals or overseas companies. In these cases, we are expected to make an accurate assessment of the foreign interest or be capable of providing information on the power of representation (including the necessary documents) required for an overseas business.

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  7. Electronic legal transactions >

    The topic of electronic data exchange is becoming increasingly important in relation to state-run registers. The degree of computerisation is especially advanced in the case of the commercial register. We have always recognised and exploited the benefits offered by IT to the fullest extent.

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