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POA and LW

Surprisingly straightforward.

At present, it is increasingly important to make provisions for one's old age or accidents. This should not only be considered in relation to one's state of health but should also be considered in relation to the administration of real estate and affairs.

The short-form unlimited powers of attorney that were typically drawn up in the past have proven to be unequal to grant the relevant representative sufficient power to fully reflect the wishes of the principal – especially in the event of illness or accident and in the event when doctors and nursing facilities are involved. In addition, it must be observed that spouses or family members are not automatically entitled to act as a representative on another person's behalf according to (German) law.

We clarify the relevant legal situation and discuss your wishes with you before drafting the relevant deeds that enable you and your designated representatives to achieve your intentions within the boundaries as established by law.

While the law does not require formal notarisation in all cases, use of our services offers the major benefits of professional advice and a sound legal basis for your planning. In addition, you and your representatives can also request to be provided with multiple copies of the notarial deeds.

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