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Marriage and family

For a fair and foreseeable future

Why is a prenuptial agreement advisable? What type of marriage agreement is suitable? We take current judicial practice into account and know the constraints on contractual freedom. We help you make decisions appropriate to your personal needs.

In the field of family law, the civil law notary is involved particularly in the drafting of prenuptial and divorce settlement agreements. The client is advised on situations where a prenuptial agreement is prudent, as well as topics for which it is not required. Following a detailed consultation with both spouses, the civil law notary clarifies the legal basis, the variants and options appropriate for the nuptial model chosen, and the constraints on freedom of contract as set by statutory and judicial practice. Frequently, the civil law notary also suggests appropriate ancillary measures such as powers of attorney (ordinary powers, and those for health and welfare) and deeds of inheritance. If the parties wish to divorce, the civil law notary draws up deeds that shorten the nerve-wracking and time-consuming divorce proceedings, thus also curtailing their costs.

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